The Red Streak 13s for $1300

Now, we have always made a conscience decision to not cover drag racing here at Race Magazine.  Not because we don’t have any respect for it, nor because we don’t recognise it in some way, but because it’s so widely covered.  Covered to the point that it as a sport drowns out most other forms of grass roots racing.

Having said that, I feel the need to share a story with you. It is a story of internet challenges, no money, duct tape and a general lack of any sense of self respect.  I feel I should point that last part out as the base car was yet another VN commodore.  Poor life choices etc.

There are some things that Australian event organisers and venue owners should take note of that the drag racing fraternity have enjoyed for many years. The main one being ease of accessibility compared with CAMS events.  Generally, to run at a circuit or hillclimb at the most accessible club level, you need club membership, a racing licence, a car that will survive a CAMS scrutineer nit-pick, and either a day off work or wait for the weekend.  Not so with the most accessible form of drag racing.  Any given Wednesday night you can front up to Western Sydney Motorsport Park, pay your money, go through a quick safety scrutineering and then go line up for a run.  At the end of each run you stop at the drive through window and get the result on a slip of paper.  It is simple, easy, reasonably cheap and even the most under-funded motor sport enthusiast can have a go.

And have a go we did.

Driveshaft Angle and Phasing Demonstration

Found this Driveshaft Angle and Phasing Demonstration on youtube a while ago. Here is an excellent demonstration of the problems that are associated with universal (or Cardan) joint, and the importance of choosing your angles and phasing very carefully.

Porsche 3.8L RSR build

Everyone loves a good Porsche build, and this has been an interesting one!  It is being built in Sydney at Autohaus Hamilton.  I have had the pleasure of dealing with Autohaus Hamilton in the past and have been impressed with their good nature and friendliness, not  to mention the attention to detail.

Race Magazine is for Sale

Dear Subscribers, fans and readers,


For co-owner of Race Magazine, Jim Stevenson and I, recent changes in personal circumstances means both of us have the need to spend more time with family, as we have been hit with the perfect storm of circumstance. As a result we have decided to step back from involvement in Race Magazine to do just that.

We will print Race Magazine to the end of this year, which will be issue 44, and will try with all our efforts to find a new owner for Race Magazine for 2016 and beyond.

That’s right; the entire operation is up for sale.

Neither I nor Jim wishes to take money for a product we cannot guarantee that we can supply in 2016, because we are uncertain of the future of Race Magazine. This means that we will not be accepting any re-subscriptions from this point. However, we can accept one-off payments for the final issue ($8.80) if your re-subscription is now due. Please order these through our website –

If you are a subscriber with outstanding issues beyond issue number 44, rest assured that Jim Stevenson and I will guarantee a full refund of any outstanding amount, should a new owner not be found.

We are also loading digital copies of back issues on the website, with a nominal pricing of $20 a year.  We are loading the copies starting with Issue 35, and will put a fresh one up every month.  If you have purchased a subscription through the website, you already have access to it. Take a look!  Postal subscribers will need to create a log-in on the website, and then email us so we can enable access.


In the past twelve months, we have had new contributors join us, the website has gone from a static page to a dynamic e-store, blog and platform for ad and subscriber management.  It’s only in the past few weeks the latter has been fully sorted out.  What we aren’t very good at is asking for money, so where the magazine and website really need to have a decent number of advertisers to support the operation, we have barely touched on it.  The potential here is huge, but we have run out of time.

Both Neil and Jim do want to thank you for your support. Subscribers such as yourself have ensured Race Magazine’s survival over the past 11 years.  You have made numerous suggestions that have improved what we do, and the encouragement from many of you has been very much appreciated.

In a nutshell:

  • Race Magazine, probably the only independent car magazine left that operates at a profit, is for sale,
  • Issue 44 will be the last print issue of Race Magazine until a buyer is found,
  • The back issues will still be available for purchase from the website,
  • Digital versions of the back issues will be available by subscription on the website, and will be loaded with one issue a month until they are all on there,
  • We are also in the process of loading back issues onto Apple Newsstand,
  • The website and facebook will still be active and will have regular articles and updates as always,
  • There is still huge potential here as there is a lot of advertising capacity that is unutilised,
  • We love what we have built, and the people that we interact with so we will endeavour to see that it continues!

Should you, or someone you know, wish to take the wheel of Race Magazine, please contact us at any time. Details of Race Magazine‘s sale and any developments in this regards will be posted on Race Magazine’s website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages in a few days time.

Yours Truly,

Neil Roshier

James Stevenson

LS1 Manifold Comparison Data Analysis

Thinking of putting a carby on an LS1? Better read on before you do!

Hot Rod magazine in the USA recently did a comparison between 20 LS1 style inlet manifolds, producing some very interesting results.

The article can be found here:

They published the data and findings on their website, but there wasn’t a lot of deep comparison analysis.  We took it upon ourselves to cut and paste it into Excel and research their findings a bit further.

The LS series of engines has become an automotive phenomenon due to their high output to mass ratio, the cheap and common aspect due to the sheer volume that has been manufactured and sold across a simply ridiculous range of vehicles.  Everything from medium sized sedans to vans and trucks.

They are a very robust engine too; able to develop decent power on stock internals and they run a hackable, tuneable Delco ECU.  Overall they are a package that is hard to beat.  The net result is the damn things get put into pretty much any platform you can think of (including Porsche 911’s and aircraft).


Issue 43 off to the Printers!

Issue 43

Issue 43 has just gone to the printers!

  • Baily Aston Sports Sedan
  • MX5 races
  • NISMO Saurus
  • Social Climber
  • Engineering your car for wet weather
  • Clubbie Corner
  • Queensland Touring Cars
  • Nola Holden
  • Endenborough Renault
  • Plus more – No spare pages at all!

Keep an eye out for it in your local newsagents.  if they don’t have it, ask them to order it in!


58th King Edward Park Hillclimb Will Be the Last One

That’s right, 2015 will be the last King Edward Park Hillclimb.  The Mattara festival from 2016 on will not include the annual round of the NSW Hillclimb championship, run by the Newcastle MG Car Club.

The park and surrounding lands has been undergoing extensive renovation and improvements, and this combined with safety concerns (both for competitors and spectators) sees the event unable to continue.

‘‘We can’t be angry at the council,’’ Newcastle MG Car Club vice-president Dave Atkins said. ‘‘We can’t stand in the way of progress for our one weekend a year.’’


Hot Rod Magazine Tests 20 Ls1 Inlet Manifolds

Hot Rod Magazine in the US has done it again.

They tested 20 inlet manifolds to suit the popular LS1 style engines.  While this might seem like a clear cut exercise, the results are fascinating.

There are some things to bear in mind however.  The test engine is far from stock (a cammed iron block 6.0L LSX), and that peak power is less important to those of us that need lots of torque and a good spread of power to get around a tight circuit, compared to the drag racing fraternity.

Another point to remember is American horses seem to be much smaller than Australian ones, and therefore more fit into a smaller area than they do here.  The US seems to consistently yield higher dyno readings than our local ones.

They tested  some of the original equipment fitted manifolds from various models as well as a bunch of aftermarket gear.

CASAR Park update – Pit Design Released


What makes a good Pit area design?

CASAR PARK – the proposed motor sport complex set to be constructed on NSW’s Central Coast – have put up their pit area design for comment.

casar pitThe full PDF of the design can be found HERE.

Take a look, and discuss it on our Facebook page.

Please visit and support CASAR Park at



Using a battery drill, the right size drill bit (as specified on the insert kit) and a good eye, drill the old thread remains out keeping the drill as straight as possible.

Thread Repair – How to Fix Broken Bolts and Stripped Threads

Way back in issues 1 and 2, this article helped shape the future for the magazine as a technical resource for grass roots motor sport participants.  It is still relevant today, though there are now newer tools and methods of thread repair available to the home user.


We have all done it; any of us that have ever picked up a spanner and tried to work on these infernal contraptions of ours. Often it happens at the start of a job, that last manifold bolt we leave because it looks rustier or more difficult to get to than all the rest. Usually though, it’s the last bolt on the job we have left to tighten before we can kick it in the guts and revel in our technical brilliance. It starts with that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as the bolt tightens then goes slack again. It ends in a string of curse words that fly across the engine bay milliseconds before being followed by a spanner and half a bolt.

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