58th King Edward Park Hillclimb Will Be the Last One

That’s right, 2015 will be the last King Edward Park Hillclimb.  The Mattara festival from 2016 on will not include the annual round of the NSW Hillclimb championship, run by the Newcastle MG Car Club.

The park and surrounding lands has been undergoing extensive renovation and improvements, and this combined with safety concerns (both for competitors and spectators) sees the event unable to continue.

‘‘We can’t be angry at the council,’’ Newcastle MG Car Club vice-president Dave Atkins said. ‘‘We can’t stand in the way of progress for our one weekend a year.’’


Hot Rod Magazine Tests 20 Ls1 Inlet Manifolds

Hot Rod Magazine in the US has done it again.

They tested 20 inlet manifolds to suit the popular LS1 style engines.  While this might seem like a clear cut exercise, the results are fascinating.

There are some things to bear in mind however.  The test engine is far from stock (a cammed iron block 6.0L LSX), and that peak power is less important to those of us that need lots of torque and a good spread of power to get around a tight circuit, compared to the drag racing fraternity.

Another point to remember is American horses seem to be much smaller than Australian ones, and therefore more fit into a smaller area than they do here.  The US seems to consistently yield higher dyno readings than our local ones.

They tested  some of the original equipment fitted manifolds from various models as well as a bunch of aftermarket gear.

CASAR Park update – Pit Design Released


What makes a good Pit area design?

CASAR PARK – the proposed motor sport complex set to be constructed on NSW’s Central Coast – have put up their pit area design for comment.

casar pitThe full PDF of the design can be found HERE.

Take a look, and discuss it on our Facebook page.

Please visit and support CASAR Park at http://www.casarpark.org.au/



Using a battery drill, the right size drill bit (as specified on the insert kit) and a good eye, drill the old thread remains out keeping the drill as straight as possible.

Thread Repair – How to Fix Broken Bolts and Stripped Threads

Way back in issues 1 and 2, this article helped shape the future for the magazine as a technical resource for grass roots motor sport participants.  It is still relevant today, though there are now newer tools and methods of thread repair available to the home user.


We have all done it; any of us that have ever picked up a spanner and tried to work on these infernal contraptions of ours. Often it happens at the start of a job, that last manifold bolt we leave because it looks rustier or more difficult to get to than all the rest. Usually though, it’s the last bolt on the job we have left to tighten before we can kick it in the guts and revel in our technical brilliance. It starts with that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as the bolt tightens then goes slack again. It ends in a string of curse words that fly across the engine bay milliseconds before being followed by a spanner and half a bolt.

24 Hours of LeMons comes to Australia

For some time there has been a zany racing series in the USA called The 24 Hours of LeMons, where a grid of drivers in rubbish cars compete in a series of races for obscure prizes.  Like the Variety Bash challenges, it seems to be more about the fun than any desperate need to win.

And now, they have landed here with the first race being at Wakefield Park on 27th of October 2015.

World’s First In-Car Camera Televised Footage (1979)

Australia was the first in the world in 1979 in one aspect of motorsport technology – the televised in car camera footage. Back then one Peter Williamson in a Toyota Celica was willing to carry the 70kg (yes really 70kg) of camera, battery and transmitting equipment around in his car. Of course all the fast runners with a chance of winning were NEVER going to accept the weight penalty for some TV coverage … my how times have changed!

Frankenbenz – Mercedes-Benz 190E body on an AMG C63

Here’s something interesting that we came across the other day.  A company in Leesburg, Virginia called Piper Motorsport are installing a mid 80’s Mercedes-Benz 190E body on a late model C63 AMG platform.  As yet, we have no idea if it is to be a dedicated racing car, or just a cool streeter

Howard James Recruiting

Look what MOTOR found – Mid Engine Rodeo

The internet is full of wonderful sometimes.

This is a creation by Mike Moore and is used for track days and sprints.  It runs an L98 with a Jerico and Winters quick change rear end.  It runs a Quick Fuel carburetor, dry-sump oil system, modified cam, and pumps out roughly 600hp.  All this in an 1100kg car.


Incredible Datsun Cylinder Head Redesign

Tony Knight from Knight Engines in Adelaide has posted up some amazing things over the years, including reworking a 24L V12 tank engine and countless alloy V8 porting jobs.

His current work is a Datsun cylinder head for a competition engine.  He has welded up most of the combustion chamber, ported it and has even moved the entire head across the block 2mm!

Tony explains:

Starting with an open chamber U67 L20B casting – it doesn’t really matter which head I started with as long as it is a big port one, you’ll see why in a sec.
Aiming to make a really, really powerful 2L datto:

Got it all stripped down, seat inserts & guides out back to a bare alloy casting, then out with the TIG welder & spend a couple of hours making rods disappear”P1131391_zpskakloexr

Tony also commented on his willingness to share his experience with the broader automotive community:

“I have an accutig 300 – 300A capable & 100% duty cycle with water cooled torch etc.
Depending on the area I was using between 130 – 220A, it could be done with a 200A machine, but only just. The chamber design will be the secret squirrel stuff, but I’ll post it up anyway, along with an explanation of how/why it works.
I’ve drawn from the knowledge of others on many occasions, you can’t learn all this stuff on your own, there is far more than a lifetimes knowledge to obtain – may as well pass on what I can.  I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of guys like Peter Schaeffer, Peter Michaels, Bill Hanson, Bob Sherry etc.
Nor would I be here without the information posted online by yanks like Darin Morgan, Chad Spiers etc.
I’m just passing it forward, just like they did, it’s only fair”

Web Trawl: Nissan GTR Unveiled for Le Mans – and it’s FWD!

Well, this is counter-intuitive, but the Devil is in the detail.

Nissan has unveiled the Le Mans special GTR; the GTR-LM.  A front-engined, front wheel drive car that is powered by a 3-litre twin turbo V6 petrol engine.

They are also using a kinetic energy recovery system of an (as yet)  undefined specification.

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